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Project 365, Day 3-5

Day three: First evening in Maastricht - vintage typewriters as a wall decoration in "Bar Brutal".

Day four: A book store in a former convent - this is actually the reason I wanted to go to Maastricht because my friend Sandra W. recommended me "the library in the old church". WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE CONFUSE BOOK STORES WITH LIBRARIES? Okay, well, I could have done some research myself, and it was still a nice trip, so no skin off my back :)

Day five: Had to say goodbye already despite the gorgeous weather. (believe it or not, I didn't use any filters on this picture.) Maastricht, I will be back in you!

Friends Cut

I am sorry but I had to do this.

Reasons why I might have cut you:

- you hadn't posted or commented on my entries in months (I don't keep track of numbers or the like, but if I never hear from you or even wonder "who was that again?" it's difficult to get to know each other!)
- I didn't feel like there was enough common ground/didn't know what to say on your entries
- we just didn't "click"

Whatever the reason, please know that there are no hard feelings on my side and that this is nothing personal <3
I wish you all the best in life <3

Please also take me off your flist, thank you!

Disabling comments to avoid drama/unnecessary discussion.

Friends Only.

This journal is

I am not adding new friends at the moment. Thank you for understanding :)

Credit for FO banner goes to colette_1.