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Ask me anything 2015 - day 7!

(day 6 is here - backdated to yesterday, since I didn't get around to doing it then ;))

minuetcat asked me:

What are some of your favorite foods?

I love a lot of food! As for my favourite cuisines, they are: Mexican, Indian, Persian, Afghani (even though I've only had it once but it was a buffet place and so delicious!) and Korean.
In general, I enjoy most vegetables (even Brussel sprouts and Broccoli, which seem to be the most "hated" ones)...I can't think of any veggies I actually do not like, except for these Chinese mushrooms that are really bitter and chewy, I don't know what they're called though. (menus always call them Chinese mushrooms here...). I also love fruit, but only if it's not mushy...I am not too fond of watermelons, but apart from that I eat most fruit.
I also love vegan "meat" - no matter if it's made from Tofu or Seitan or what have you. Cheesecake, muffins/cupcakes, couscous salad, freshly baked bread, all kinds of legumes, nuts, dark chocolate...the list goes on.
To be honest, I will eat almost everything lol. Except rice pudding - ughhh I detest that stuff.

Ask me anything 2015 - day 4!

minuetcat asked me:

Give us your "bucket list": what do you want to do, see, experience, accomplish, etc. in your lifetime?

I do not have a bucket list as such - I believe making lists like these just puts you under pressure and sets you up for disappointment. Like, what if something on there just doesn't come to fruition? Would you then look back on your life and be super sad because you didn't do (x)? I don't want to risk that!

Of course there are things that I would like to do though, but I won't get down about it if they do not happen. Some things I want to do in my life:

1) Become a librarian
2) Visit Scotland
3) Go to California and meet foxydanish and Matt :)
4) Get something published that I've written - even if it's "just" a poem or short story. I actually haven't written anything much in a long time but I want to, I just feel anxious about how to start. I did enjoy the Poetry Challenge I did last November though.
5) Become fully independent from my parents' help...it really is quite pathetic to be in your late 20s and still have to get so much support from them.
6) Be happy without medication.

Well, these last two are things I would be sad if they actually didn't happen at all, I admit it...but I do trust that I will get there sooner than later :)

Ask me anything 2015 - day 3!

gublers asked me:

What is your favourite book so far this year and why?

I have actually read quite a few remarkable books this year already - despite having only finished 29 so far. o_O
I would say it is a toss-up between Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo And Me by Ellen Forney (a graphic novel about a woman with Bipolar Disorder) and Nudeldicke Deern by Anke Groener (a book about fat acceptance and how to get a better relationship with one's body, "even" if you are overweight).

I enjoyed both of these books because they were both raw and honest, but also very positive and funny. They helped me to feel better about myself and the things I deal with.

(Post made public again because the asker isn't on my friends list anymore, either)

Ask me anything 2015 - day 2!

minuetcat asked me:

What was your childhood like?

My home life as a child was for the most part pretty nice. I was rather spoiled by my parents, not as in constantly getting stuff necessarily, but I didn't have to help in the household or anything...my parents were of the opinion that "kids should be kids" and I should be able to play all day and enjoy my childhood fully. When my sister came around when I was almost 4 years old, of course they had a little less time to spend with me, so I was kind of jealous - I even bit my sister's belly once D: D: D:
I don't remember that, but when my mom told me a couple years ago, I was horrified. Well I guess that's just little children for you lol.

Anyway, I grew up running around the neighbourhood with my friends (there were a couple children around my age in our street and we also went to the playground in another street, where I met my first best friend, Dorina) and playing outside mostly. Sometimes I would get into arguments though because I was also an extremely precocious and kind of weird kid so I would brag about things I've read or learned and honestly feel a bit "better" or "above" the other children :( and of course that wasn't well received. I didn't understand why most of the time though, I just wanted to share with the others what I had learned and I didn't know they were seeing it as bragging.

TW: ableism, mention of bullying.Collapse )

However, most things I remember from my childhood are positive because I played a lot, I had (and still have) a loving family and I always had pets like fish, budgies/parakeets, cockatiels, rodents etc.
We also travelled a lot, at least once a year, and usually to the North Sea or somewhere to the mountains, so I definitely got lucky in terms of seeing things and experiencing the world around me.

(This post is public because the person who asked this is not on my flist anymore, but I want her to be able to read it if she is interested.)

Friends Cut

I just made a huge friends cut and only kept the people I feel the closest to on here. Please note that this is not meant to offend anyone and no-one has done anything wrong. I just feel like I need a smaller circle of friends at the moment, plus I am not active enough on here anymore to keep a huge friends list.
If we are connected on Facebook or Instagram, we can of course still keep in contact <3

Friends Cut!

I did a small

Friends Cut

today. The people I cut were mostly ones I had added in the friending memes a while ago but then never heard from them or felt we didn't click, or ones who haven't written anything or commented here in a few months. This is absolutely not meant to offend anyone and I hope there aren't any hard feelings. If you come back to Livejournal and want to re-connect, you are welcome to tell me so and I will add you again :)

Otherwise, please also take me off your friends list! Thank you.