In a world gone mad, only a lunatic is truly insane

She's a live wire, shooting sparks in the night

Second Chance LJ Idol, Week 3
Marina had always been highly ambitious. Ever since she had learned to play the violin at age 4, she knew that she wanted to be a famous musician when she grew up. Fortunately, her parents were hugely supportive of her plans and did everything to further her talent - taking her to lessons, having her practice two hours after school every day and signing her up for every contest around.

When she was fifteen, Marina had already been playing in an orchestra for three years and was seeing a lucrative career ahead of herself. Even though her parents didn't earn that much, they had saved every penny they could spare to be able to afford having her attend a highschool which specialized in music and the arts. This meant that, despite the huge amount of concentration and time that she needed to dedicate to her future, her grades didn't have to suffer, which she was highly grateful for.

At eighteen years old, Marina graduated from highschool with brilliant grades and had an offer to become a steady part of the National Orchestra, as one of the youngest people in the history of the country. Even though she was over the moon about this, she was very conflicted about leaving her parents at home - after all, she would have to move to New York City for this, which was on the other side of the country. Her Mom and Dad, not having been the youngest already when their daughter was born, were slowly getting grey and not in the best condition anymore and she wanted to be able to be there for them, to give back at least a little for everything they had done for her.

She talked to her friends about it who told her that while they could understand her worries, she just couldn't pass up that chance, and that surely her parents would want her to take it, that this was what they had worked for, after all. She knew they were right - after all, every time she brought up only the slightest doubts with her mother or father, they cut her right off and told her "don't worry about your old ones - we will be fine, and it will make us so happy to see you be successful out there!".

Finally, after much deliberation, she wrote back to the conductor of the orchestra and told him that she had decided to take him up on the offer. Two days later, she had a place ticket in her hands and was ready to go. After packing everything, there was still some time left, since the plane would not leave until the next morning, so Marina decided to take a walk through the woods near their house. Suddenly, she came upon a little wooden hut that she had never seen before and decided to knock on the door. To her surprise, it swung open with a crank. Carefully, she stepped into the house, looking around but there was no-one there.

No-one human, that is. Lining the walls were lots and lots of cages holding all kinds of animals - birds, badgers, weasels, any small animals you could think of living in the woods. Marina let out a quiet noise of surprise and took a cautious step towards the nearest cage, which only had a tiny robin in it. At first glance, it didn't show any signs of being hurt, but soon enough she noticed that it had a broken wing, which someone in some way had managed to expertly put into a splint. How they accomplished that with such a tiny bird, Marina could not fathom, but they did. She started to wonder who that person was...and especially, where they were! Looking around, she noticed that some of the animals had run out of food, which meant that the person had been away for a while.

Even at further exploration, the little hut didn't yield any hint at its owner or their whereabouts...but Marina knew that she had to do something or the animals would die, after all, despite the obvious efforts to keep them alive. She could just not let that happen! So she took out her cellphone and called Animal Control, who came around and took the animals to the next veterinarian hospital. The vet techs there told her that she had done exactly the right thing and that the animals would have probably died the next day if she hadn't come across the hut, which they themselves had never seen before, either - despite having practiced near this small town for over 30 years and knowing pretty much every animal owner around.

One of the veterinarians there told her something that she would keep in mind for the rest of her life and that would even go through her head occasinally while playing in front of thousands of people:

"Obviously you were fated to come across this little hut in the woods. If it had not been for you, the animals would have been destined to die. Someone there had spent their whole life caring for these creatures, wanting them to get on their feet again and to go out into the world and be happy. You realised their goal when they could not take care of their little ones themselves anymore."

It was then she knew that someone, whoever it might have been, had shown her the little animal hut to help her with her decision to leave her parents and to alleviate her worries. Seeing her reach the goal to be a famous musician and lead a happy and satisfied life had been the biggest achievement of her mother's and father's lives. Her going far away would be more than worth it to fulfill their goal and show gratefulness.

Twenty years later, her parents passed away at the blessed ages of 78 and 82, after travelling to New York to see their daughter's performances from the front row every year. Her Dad's last words to Marina were:
"When I look into your eyes while you play your music, seeing that sparkle inside of them, knowing that you are doing what you love, I know that your mother and I have done everything right in our lives. Now that you are having a fulfilled live, I can happily leave you."
This piece was written for Second Chance LJ Idol, week 3. Topic: "Getting to Carnegie Hall".

Second Chance LJ Idol, Week 2
She would be missing him so much. That was one of the only things that Erika knew for sure right now, at this sad and overwhelming time.
After all, how could you not miss the person you had been married to for 52 years, and known for close to 60? That was seemingly impossible, she thought.

The doorbell startled her out of her thoughts and she got up slowly, setting down her cup of tea on the scratched, wooden kitchen table. Through the milk glass of the front door she vaguely recognized the features of her neighbour Anneliese, the neighbourhood gossip. Groaning inwardly, Erika opened the door and greeted Anneliese, mustering up the last shreds of politeness she could find inside herself.

"Erika! You poor girl, how are you holding up? I am so sorry I couldn't see you earlier, but you know how it is...first the children want something, then the grandchildren come to visit and you don't want to miss out on spending time with them before they are grown up, right? It all goes so quickly..." the rest of Anneliese's words got lost in a rush in Erika's head as she tried to drown out the drivel that came from her neighbour's mouth.

Finally there was an opening to say something herself - that it was so difficult to get a word in edge-wise with Anneliese showed once again how annoying of a person she was, since Erika never had been one to hold back from saying what she thought. No, you really could not call her shy at the least. "Anneliese, it is so nice of you to visit me", she said in her best fake-nice tone of voice. "But I am sure you'll understand that with Walter only being gone for three days now, I still have a lot to do. So, what brings me the pleasure of your visit?"

You could tell that Anneliese was taken aback by Erika's straightforwardness, no matter how she tried to hide it. "Well, of course I wouldn't want to miss out on paying a visit to a grieving friend of mine! What kind of horrible person would I be if I did? I am sure that now, without your husband, you will be very lonely in this huge house all on your own...and speaking of that, I had an idea the other day. Would you not like to get to know my daughter Sarah a little better? She happens to look for a place closer to me to live with her family, and this house would be ideal for them!"

Wait, what?

"Anneliese, what are you talking about? intend to sell this house, nor do I intend to move anywhere else! This is the house I have built together with my husband, the house we lived in for 40 years, the house we saw our children grow up in. I will not leave here until they carry me outside with my feet first! You can tell all your horrible chatterbox friends: Erika Wilson will never ever sell anyone the house she spent over half her life in and you can take your fake sympathy with you. And concerning your daughter: As you very well know, her husband and her together make way enough money to build a house two times as big as mine in this village. So go home and never show up on my front porch again!"

"But...but..." Anneliese was stammering, her mouth agape, as Erika led her out the front door and firmly closed the door behind her obnoxious neighbour.
As soon as the other woman was out of earshot, Erika broke out into laughter and raised her tea cup towards the sky. This little intermezzo had been exactly the right thing to lift her spirits. After all, there was nothing she loved more than telling people exactly what she thought of them and their behaviour.

"To you, Walter! I promise you I will never lose my bite as long as I live - the thing you probably loved the most about me and the one we had in common from the first time we met!"
This piece was written for Second Chance LJ Idol, week 2. Topic: "Front Porch".

Second Chance LJ Idol, Week 1
You do not go crazy
Just like that.

Or do you?
I believe it is not you who "goes" crazy.
If there is any movement involved
It is madness that sneaks up on you.

It crouches, slithers, slowly and maliciously
Making its way into your mind
Until you know it
And it is almost too late

To beat the demon
Which, insidious little smirk on its lips,
Pulls and pulls on you
To drag you into the abyss.

- I have chosen my instrument
And said no goodbyes -

This is what I said

Borrowing words from
One who could express it better
Than I ever could.

Sometimes, though
The stars align
Or "someone up above"
Gives you a second chance.
Or whatever you believe in.

Me? I believe in signs.
In using the lifeline
Something chose to
Give back to me.

I choose to grab it
And not let go.
There must be a reason
To see new dawns every morning.

Madness will never win.


This piece was written for Second Chance LJ Idol, week 1. Topic: "Not throwing away my shot".
The line in italics is a quote from the song "306" by Emilie Autumn.

Friends Cut
I am very sorry but I just cut a bunch of people from my friends list. This is absolutely not a reflection on any of you and no-one has done anything wrong! I have just been noticing more and more lately that I was getting overwhelmed with my flist and could never properly catch up. I hope no-one is hurt or offended now - you are all wonderful and I genuinely wish you all the best.

If you can see this entry, you are still on my friends list!

Second Chance LJ Idol Sign-Up Post!
I'm in :D

Sign-up here!

(no subject)
(Inspired by aweeghost, I hope you don't mind? It is just that I feel I'm in a very similar situation right now...)

As I am sure you have already noticed, I am posting quite a lot so far, what with doing Project 365 and all. Unfortunately though, I have also been noticing for the past...year or so, that I just don't have the spoons and/or time to always reply and comment on the posts I read/comments I get in a timely fashion.

[The following is a direct quote because it applies here the exact same way.]
I can't say when (or if) I'll be able to keep up with commenting, and I know a lot of people rely on/expect comments regularly. So, this is your out, so to speak. If you want to remove me because we don't interact a lot, feel free; no hard feelings, honestly :)
I know that many of you use LJ as a support system (heck, I do, too) and I know that a lack of commenting from friends can get some people down, so this is just me saying that I'm sorry, and if you want to remove me I won't be upset or offended - I totally understand ♥ [ /end of quote ]

If you do decide to remove me, I hope we can stay friends on other platforms though because I would hate to lose contact.

Friends Cut
I am sorry but I had to do this.

Reasons why I might have cut you:

- you hadn't posted or commented on my entries in months (I don't keep track of numbers or the like, but if I never hear from you or even wonder "who was that again?" it's difficult to get to know each other!)
- I didn't feel like there was enough common ground/didn't know what to say on your entries
- we just didn't "click"

Whatever the reason, please know that there are no hard feelings on my side and that this is nothing personal <3
I wish you all the best in life <3

Please also take me off your flist, thank you!

Disabling comments to avoid drama/unnecessary discussion.

Friends Only.

This journal is

I am not accepting any new friends for the foreseeable time. Thank you for understanding :)

Credit for FO banner goes to colette_1.


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